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Do You Desire A Spa-Like Master Bath For Your New Home Construction Project? 3 Bathroom Fixtures To Consider

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One of the benefits of a new home construction project is having total control over how you set up your new living space. The master bathroom is one area where you can truly personalize your selection of fixtures to create a relaxing oasis that you can retreat to when you need to freshen up or just enjoy a little pampering. During the planning process for your project, you should expect to be asked for your input on which fixtures you want. Start thinking about these three fixtures now so that you know how to outline your dream of a spa-style bathroom to your contractor.

Pick Your Preferred Sink and Faucet Style

Pedestal sinks are still popular in bathrooms. You might prefer this style if you have a small master bath and want to create the illusion of more space. Other people prefer dual sinks with enough counter space for you to spread out all of your pampering products. Either way is fine, but the faucet and sink that you choose will also affect the look. Your bathroom fixture professional can help you select a sleek faucet that works with the sink to create the feeling of luxury. 

Go All Out With the Toilet

You might not think about the toilet being part of the spa experience, but it is likely where you will spend the most time. Modern toilets come with amenities such as the ability to choose between a standard-height or taller toilet. You can also choose a soft closing lid to accompany the calm atmosphere of the bathroom you design. Toilets with a bidet can also make using your bathroom feel more like a visit to a tropical resort. 

As you work with your contractor, be sure to go over all of your options. There is much more to picking out a toilet than choosing a round or oblong bowl. In fact, you can even pick flushing levers in a variety of different types of metal to make every detail perfect.

Top It Off With a Rain Shower Head

Your shower area is where the true magic begins for feeling a sense of relaxation. Start with a standalone shower that includes the style of glass that you want such as panes that resemble rain falling on the outside. You can then opt to have a rainfall showerhead installed. These provide a spray that resembles what it might feel like to stand beneath a waterfall. You can also get these fixtures with detachable heads that provide you with a better bathing experience.

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