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Roofing Basics: Can A Cracked Vent Pipe Boot Cause Leaks In Your Home?

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If you suddenly see water droplets on your ceiling and walls, check the vent pipe boot on your roof. A vent pipe boot, or vent pipe flashing, is an important fixture in your plumbing system. The pipe allows toxic fumes to circulate out of the plumbing system. Over time, boots and their flashing can crack and allow water to trickle inside your roof. Learn more about cracked pipe boots and how to repair the vents below.

What Happens If the Vent Pipe Boots Cracks?

Every plumbing system relies on a vent pipe boot to function properly. A vent pipe boot generally sits on the surface of the roof, somewhere between the kitchen and bathroom. Metal flashing keeps the boot firmly in place on the roof's surface. There should also be a rubber gasket at the base of the boot. The gasket's main function is to prevent water from penetrating the boot's flashing.

If the rubber gasket surrounding your pipe boots crack and crumble from sun exposure, age, or another hazard, it can allow moisture to penetrate the flashing. Once water builds up below the flashing, it can bypass the shingles and trickle inside your attic or penetrate your ceiling and walls. The leaking water may eventually cause:

  • mold growth in your home
  • wood rot in your roof 
  • damage in your basement

If you wait too long to repair the damaged vent pipe boot on your roof, you may face a substantial amount of damage in your home later. 

How Do You Repair Leaky Vent Pipe Boots?

Your first step to keeping your roof and house safe from water damage is to reach out to a contractor or roofer for roof leak repair. A contractor will check your vent pipe boot for deterioration and cracks. If the boot's flashing and gasket are cracked or damaged, a roofer can repair the pieces. If the vent pipe is extremely damaged, a contractor can replace it. 

A contractor may also complete an assessment of your attic and shingles. If water settled in these areas of your roof, it's important to remove it right away. A contractor will go over the best possible options for your situation after they complete the assessment.

After services, be sure to check your vent pipe boot regularly. You can also have a roofing company or contractor inspect the boot during the year.

Learn more about cracked vent pipe boots and how they affect your roof and home by contacting a contractor today.