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Why Do You Need A Plat Of Land Survey When Buying A Home?

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When you purchase a home, you will probably need to work with a land surveyor so that you can get a plat of land survey done. This type of survey involves having an official map drawn of the property lines for the property that you are buying. This might have been done in the past, but you'll need to have it done when buying a home and land for these reasons.

You'll Need to Know About Your Property Lines

As a new homeowner, you will need to know about where the property lines are for your property. After all, you will want to see exactly what you are buying for the purchase price. You might be planning on landscaping the yard, installing fencing, putting up storage buildings, and more after you buy the property, too, and you will definitely need to know where the property lines are before doing so.

Your Mortgage Lender Will Probably Require It

Many people think that the process of qualifying for a mortgage is easy as long as they have a decent credit score. However, getting approved for a mortgage is challenging and often requires many different steps. You may be surprised by all of the paperwork that your mortgage company will want before paying for the loan, but they will probably want a copy of a home inspection report and other things. Many mortgage lenders do require a plat of land survey, for example. The sooner that you get this done and submit the necessary paperwork to your mortgage lender, the sooner that you will probably be able to close on the loan for your house.

You'll Probably Need to Submit Paperwork to Your Local Government

Depending on where you live, your county or city probably keeps records of things like who owns which properties and when these properties were sold. In many areas, people are required to submit certain paperwork to the county or city when purchasing a home. In addition to submitting copies of some of your purchasing paperwork, you might be required to submit a plat of land survey. This makes it easier for the city or county to keep track of the property lines for each piece of property in the community. After all, this is important for record-keeping purposes, and the information might come in handy to the city or county for county or city planning purposes and other matters.

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