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How To Care For Concrete Foundations

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Concrete is obviously a extremely strong and reliable. That is why it is used in the construction of the housing foundations. But, a concrete foundation does need to be repaired in some cases over the years. Many homeowners who have cracked concrete foundations never really deal with it. That is, cracks in your concrete can be problematic because they can allow moisture underneath the concrete slab, they can allow weeds to grow out of them, they can cause your flooring material to separate from the foundation, and they can even become a hazard for tripping. If you do have a cracked concrete foundation, don't be too worried because it is quite easy to repair small cracks using over the counter patching products.

Using Over-the-counter Products

Over-the-counter concrete repair is easy if you buy a pre-mixed crack repair solution. This is usually a thick liquid patch that is basically a mixture of cement and glue in a bottle. It works much better than traditional glue for repairing narrow cracks because the glue helps to fill in the crack and stick to the rough, old concrete. The solutions usually come in squeezable bottles or caulk gun, so it is easy to apply.

You can apply the patch directly into the cracked area and simply wipe it flat on top. This isn't a complicated process, but the patch can't be sticky and a little hard to work with. Often, people have problems because the patch doesn't stick to the existing concrete. This is usually only because the foundation is too dirty. So, the first thing you need to do is clean the foundation as well as possible. But, you need to wait until it is dry before you can apply the new patch.

Sealing Your Foundation

One thing you can also consider doing, to preserve and protect your foundation, is to seal it. A concrete sealant is a liquid substance that can go over the old concrete and the patched spots. It basically makes the repaired areas a little more waterproof and prevents the foundation from cracking over time. Sealant works well because it preserves your foundation and makes it much easier to clean. Of course, this isn't going to make your concrete stronger, but it will prevent it from getting too dirty. This is great for areas where you foundation is exposed.

Keep your foundation cracks filled and sealed if you want it to last longer. For more information, contact foundation repair services in your area.