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Your Roof: Protecting It

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Family life occurs beneath the roof without issue most of the time. However, whenever a roof problem comes up, family life could be disrupted. Preventing leaks and other possible disruptions is key; simple roof-related actions like these should help your roof to stay intact.

1: Checking the Surface

A quick glance or walk-around look at the surface of the house roof is always smart, but it becomes even more useful when there's been a heavy rain storm or a prolonged period of snow. Your attention to the individual shingles and any loose screws, flashing, or gutters should be the focus; wherever a seal is broken, water can enter. Anything loose requires tightening, and if you're seeing shingles come off after storms, you need to spend time seeing if the structure underneath is sound. 

2: Clearing Gutters

Your gutters are likely to clog up at one time or another, especially if your property is dotted with large trees. Twigs or leaves can drop into the gutters without your knowledge and then block water drainage. Pooling water isn't uncommon with gutters, and that standing water can wear down edges of the roofing structure or shingles. Then leaks may happen. To fight this, do regular checks of the gutters. How?

Aiming your garden hose right for the gutters is a good way to see if water will escape naturally. If water fails to come down the downspouts, there could be blockages causing problems.

3: Trying Heat Cables

Anything you can do to lower the pressure on a roof will enable it to survive longer. If snow is a constant visitor throughout colder months, a plan to deal with accumulation is vital. An easy solution is to install a version of the heating cables available on the market. Cables, mounted on top of shingles, can be powered on when snow first begins falling. Some brands of cables will automatically detect precipitation and begin to warm. As a result of the mounted cables, snow will no longer be able to freeze or build up. This means you won't need to be distressed that the roof is going to buckle beneath all that snow weight.

4: Addressing Problems Rapidly

Waiting to repair leaks, missing shingles, and similar trouble could have major ramifications for the structure. Get estimates before imagining you can't afford repairs; different options could fit into your budget when you know for sure.

With these tasks, the roof shouldn't present many problems. Nearby roofing companies, like Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling Inc, are the professionals to see if you require maintenance help or want a full assessment of the structure as-is.