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Are New Houses Small With High Price Tags? Renovate An Old Model, Save, And Enjoy Your Space

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Finding a home that has everything you want can be a challenge when moving to a new area. If you find the newer the house, the higher the price tag and the smaller the space, remodeling something older may be the best option for your needs. If you want a big house and you are willing to change some things that you don't like in lieu of a brand new model, a remodeling contractor can make your dreams come true.

There are a few steps to this process and it may take a little more time to figure out what property is the best for you, and what changes you want to make, but it will be worth the time and money once the house is completed. Here are some of the things to do to get started.

Figure Out Your Budget

Since you aren't going to spend all of your money on the house, and you have to save money for remodeling, you want to figure out your budget. Determine how much you want to spend total, and how much you think changes will cost, and then start looking at houses in your target house purchase budget. Start in the lower end so you aren't disappointed.

Get a Short List of Potential Houses

You want to narrow it down to just two or three potential house options. You want to have a remodeling contractor show you how they can change the space, and the more houses you want layouts on the higher the cost. Once you have the prospects narrowed down, walk the remodeling contractor through them.

Have the Remodeling Contractor Pitch Your Changes

The remodeling contractor will do a few different things when the walk through the property and consider designing new plans. They may notice right away that the location of a load bearing wall or HVAC system may make things that you want impossible or costly to change, or that the house could easily be transformed. Before choosing a remodeling contractor you want to see the following:

  • Visual aid of the changes that can be made
  • Cost estimates with materials included
  • Projected timeline for the project
  • General contractor fees
  • Total cost of the project

 With all of this information you can choose what house you want to go with, and what remodeling contractor will be the best for the project.

If you want an open floor plan, second floor laundry or other features of a newly constructed home, but you aren't willing to sacrifice size for a high price tag, look at older house options and see how the properties can be transformed. You may end up with a house much more valuable than what you paid for it in the end.