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Your Crawl Space Encapsulation Questions Answered

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The crawl space of the house is easy to overlook, and this can lead to homeowners failing to realize that there are upgrades that can be made to it. More specifically, the crawl space of your home can be encapsulated.

What Types Of Problems Can Be Prevent With Crawl Space Encapsulation?

The crawl space is one of the areas of the home that can be the most prone to suffering moisture problems. This is due to moisture evaporating from the soil and rising into the crawl space. High moisture content can result in the growth of molds. Also, it can make the interior of the home less comfortable by raising the humidity. Lastly, encapsulating the crawl space can make it more difficult for certain pests to get into it.

Is Crawl Space Encapsulation Permanent?

There are some types of home maintenance and improvement projects that will need to be done on a regular basis. However, encapsulating the crawl space will be a permanent procedure that will only need to be done one time. The steps for encapsulating a crawl space will vary, but it will usually involve the installation of a vapor barrier, protective sealants and the placement of vents in areas to maximize ventilation. The changes that will be done during encapsulation will usually be limited Typically, the only instances where encapsulation will need to be done again is when the home has sustained serious damage, such as from flooding or earthquakes.

Will The Encapsulation Contractor Need To Visually Inspect The Entire Crawl Space?

Before a quote can be prepared for you, an encapsulation contractor will have to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the crawl space. This is necessary to determine the exact size of the area that is needing to be encapsulated along with any design features that could make this process particularly difficult. Also, this inspection will allow for any potential damages to be identified before the encapsulation work is started.  

What Happens If Moisture Is Able To Get Into The Encapsulated Crawl Space?

In the unlikely event that some water is able to enter the crawl space, you might assume that it will be permanently trapped. However, encapsulated crawl spaces will have vents that will allow for moisture in the crawl space to evaporate. If you find that there is regularly water in the crawl space, you should contact a professional as this could indicate that there is damage to the encapsulation.