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4 Ways Your Tree Is Telling You It's Done

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Not all trees are made to last forever, which is why you need to be aware of the signs that a tree is calling it quits and needs to be removed from your property. Fungi growing at the base of a tree, cavities developing in the trunk of a tree, bark peeling away from the trunk, and dying branches in the crown are four serious signs that your tree needs to be removed.

#1 Fungi Growing at The Base of Your Tree

One of the first things that you need to keep an eye out for is fungi. Numerous fungi can damage your tree, eventually killing it. If you see large growths of mushrooms growing all around the base of a tree, be wary. When mushrooms start to grow around the base of your tree, that is a strong sign that there is a lot more fungi action happening under the soil as well. The roots of your tree could be severely compromised or dead. When you see fungi growing at the base of your tree, or growing on your tree, your tree may be rotten from the inside out, posing a large risk of falling and damaging your home.

#2 Cavities in The Trunk of the Tree

Second, your tree should not randomly develop holes in the trunk of the tree. If you notice hollowed-out spots becoming visible on your tree, that is a strong sign that something is amiss inside of your tree. Your tree is more than likely infected with a virus or fungi that is compromising the health and well-being of your tree.

#3 Bark Is Peeling from Your Tree

Bark should not peel back from your tree. The bark on your tree should remain intact and cover the trunk of the tree. When large sections of bark start chipping or peeling away, your tree trunk becomes exposed. When your tree trunk becomes exposed, your tree becomes more vulnerable to infection and disease. The bark may have become compromised due to infect, disease, or pests. Healthy bark is essential for a healthy tree.

#4 Dying Branches in the Crown

Finally, the last serious sign that your tree may give you that it is time for it to be removed are dead branches. Occasionally, a branch may get damaged. However, if when you look up at the crown of your tree, you start to see lots of dead branches throughout the crown, that is a problem. If you have multiple dead branches without any new growth on them, that is a serious problem. Your tree has started to die, and the problem is only going to get worse with time.

When your tree becomes infected by pests, virus, or fungi, and starts to grow mushrooms, develop cavities, have dead branches, and the bark becomes compromised, you need to get rid of the tree. The tree is no longer healthy and needs to be removed from your property before it falls and injures your home or someone else. Listen to your tree when it tells you it's done. 

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