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Rat Rod Restorations: The Car Enthusiasts' Guide To Repairing And Creating Rust Damage

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If you are a car enthusiast that is into rat rods or preserving the patina of antique vehicles, you will want to know about rust repairs. Knowing about creating the look of oxidation with chemical and paint finishing techniques is also valuable for these types of projects. Here are some tips to help with repairing and creating the look of a rusty patina on your next restoration project:

Dealing with Serious Structural Rust Problems on Old Vehicles

Serious rust damage makes vehicles unstable and cause problems with doing repairs and customization work with rat rods. The serious structural rust damage that you want to repair include areas of the body were rust has caused holes; damage to the frame and problems with unibody vehicles that weaken the structure of the car.

Patching and Blending Sheet Metal Work with Old Existing Body Parts

If there are areas that the rust has completely ate away at the body or frame, you are going to need to patch them in with new sheet metal or heavier steel in the case of frame damage. When you do this, you will want to blend the repairs in with the old metal. First, instead of getting down to bare metal where you do repairs, leave a little sign of rust. Then, you will want to use a rust neutralizing treatment that you can get from a paint store to stop the rust. You can also get chemicals that cause metal to rust quickly.

Chemical Treatments That Cause Rapid Oxidation (Rust) On Metal Surfaces

If you want to get a rust patina on your metalwork, there are chemical treatments that are available from paint stores or auto body services to do this. Apply the chemicals to the surfaces and follow the instructions to remove them after they have begun to cause the reaction and you can see the rust look you want. You may want to repeat the process several times to get a more aged patina look. Once you are satisfied with the look of the patina, apply a neutralizing treatment to all the metal surfaces to stop the rust from rapidly eating through the metal.

Using Special Paint Finishing Techniques to Create the Look of Rust Bleeding Through Paint

There are also special finishing techniques that can be used to simulate the look of rust bleeding through the paint, with the metal surface beneath safe and protected from oxidation. These finishing techniques use various coatings of paints and different colors to create this look, and have a final clear coat finish to protect the finished product and give your patina finish a smooth surface.

Rust may cause serious structural damage and need to be repaired before you can drive your vehicle. Creating the look of a rusted vehicles is also a great way to blend in some of the repairs and make your vehicle seem like it has always been this way, and you can contact a paint store to get everything you need for these DIY rust repair and finishing projects. Visit a site like http://www.klenoskybenmoorepaintsny.com for more help.