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3 Best Combinations Of Window Treatments For Attractive Window Improvements

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Before you consider a major remodeling project with replacement windows, consider solutions that are more affordable and less intrusive. Window treatments are a great way to make windows more energy-efficient, as well as to compliment the interior design of your home. You have a choice of many different combinations of window treatments to meet your needs. Here are a few of the best combinations of window treatments for attractive improvements:

1. Reduce Air Leaks with Thermal Blinds and Draperies  

There are many areas around old windows where air leaks cause energy loss. To stop the energy loss, install thermal blinds, which are designed to insulate the window and prevent heat gain and heat loss through windows. You have a choice of many different colors of thermal blinds, which can be combined with different fabrics for the draperies to give your windows a unique custom design. Use thermal blinds where you have large windows; custom or thin glass, and to improve old windows with poor energy-efficiency.

2. Roman Shades and Draperies for Natural Light

Roman shades are another good choice of window treatments, which can give you natural lighting without compromising privacy. With the addition of draperies, roman shades are a great choice for areas like bedrooms. They also make a good combination with draperies in home offices where natural light and privacy are essential. The light that roman shades allow to come into your office is going to make your work area bright. For more natural light with roman shades, always use lighter colored fabrics and avoid dark colors.

3. An Attractive Touch with Wood Blinds and Draperies

Wood blinds are another great choice to combine with draperies for your interior design. Use the wood blinds to accent windows in main living spaces, such as living and dining rooms. To make the windows standout as a design feature, have draperies go to floor-to-ceiling where you have smaller windows. Wood is also a great material to use with draperies because it blends well with natural tone colors. You can also make a bold statement by doing more detailed woodwork for the trim around windows.

These are some of the best combinations of window treatments for attractive, energy-efficient improvements to your home. If you are ready to update your interior design and improve energy-efficiency in your home, contact a drapery service, like Park City Blind & Design, and talk with them about using some of these combinations of window treatments.