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Learn What To Expect When You Hire A Concrete Company To Handle A Crumbling Concrete Staircase For You

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If you have concrete stairs leading up to your home that are cracked or crumbling, it is important to have them repaired as soon as you can to ensure that someone does not fall accidentally when they try to come up them. Building concrete steps can be very difficult for you to do if you do not have the proper training to do the job properly. The following guide walks you through the steps that will need to be taken when it comes to creating solid concrete steps leading up to your home.

Have the Condition of the Steps Evaluated

Hire a concrete company to send a technician to your home to look at the steps closely. He or she will be able to determine if the cracks or crumbling can be repaired or if the steps will need to be completely replaced. If the cracks go through an entire step or the crumbling has caused a large portion of a step or multiple steps to wear away, there is a good chance the steps will need to be replaced.

Have the Old Steps Demolished

If the technician determines that the steps are not salvageable, they will have to be demolished. In order for the steps to be demolished, the concrete company will use specific machines to break the concrete apart and haul it away. If you have never used a jackhammer or a sledgehammer before and try to break the steps apart yourself, you could end up breaking the machine, causing damage to your home, or injuring yourself.

Build a Frame for Each Level of Steps

Next, the company will build a frame for the ready mix concrete to be poured into. Each step will need to be slightly smaller than the step below it. All of the frames will need to be made ahead of time to ensure that the staircase is built properly when everything is said and done.

Create the Steps

After each frame has been created and tension rods have been put in place, the concrete will be poured into the frame. The concrete will need to harden overnight before the next frame can be set on top of the first stair to create the stair above it. The process will be repeated until the entire staircase has been created.

Once the stairs have been created, the frames will be removed and the stairs will be ready to use. Add stair rails along the sides of the stairs to provide yourself with something to hold onto as you go up and down the stairs.