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2 Things To Consider When Choosing A Custom Home Builder To Work With

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If you're getting ready to build a custom home to live in, you are likely looking for a quality custom home builder to manage your project for you. Here are a couple of important things to consider when comparing your service provider options and deciding who you want to work with:

Design Revisions

When consulting with prospective custom home builders, it's important to find out how many design revisions they are willing to provide you with as part of their service package. You never know when you or a co-designer will want to make changes to your custom home's floor plan or material utilization, so you need to make sure you'll have the freedom to make changes as you see fit. Some builders may include only one revision, while others offer unlimited revisions with a few stipulations as part of their base package.

In addition to comparing the number of free design revisions you'll have access to through each builder you talk to, ask about paid revision opportunities. You may find that the builders you speak with are willing to provide you with all the revisions you want if you are willing to pay a fee every time you want to make a change. Compile the information you get from each potential builder and compare it all side-by-side to see who will likely provide you with the most design freedom for the best price.

Material Storage

When your home building project starts, there is a good chance that your builder will need to store materials and equipment onsite. Find out whether or not the prospective custom builders you consult with expect you to maintain responsibility for the safe keeping of onsite materials, or if they're willing to take on that responsibility themselves.

Look for a custom home builder who is willing to have a lockbox or portable container dropped off at the job site so they can store the materials and equipment needed without having to rely on your to manage it. They should also be willing to install a security system or hire a security guard to keep an eye on things when nobody is at the job site to minimize the liability for all parties involved. Make sure there is a stipulation in the contract you sign that relieves you of responsibility for any materials that are left at the construction site.

Making these important considerations while consulting with potential custom home builders will help ensure that your needs and expectations are met from beginning to end. Read more here to learn about the custom home building process.