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Answers To Common Questions About Building A Dock

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Owning waterfront property can provide you and your family with a convenient way to enjoy the water on hot summer days. However, if you are wanting to use the property for boat access, it will likely be necessary to install a dock. For those that have never undertaken a marine construction project, it can be easy to be unsure of what should be expected from this process, but having the following few questions about dock construction answered should help to make this project easier to oversee.

Can You Build A Dock Without Hiring A Professional?

Adding a dock to your property can be a sizable investment, and it is common for homeowners to want to minimize this expense as much as possible. As a result, some individuals may wonder whether they can build the dock without hiring a professional. Unfortunately, this can be extremely dangerous as marine construction is a particularly challenging type of work to do. As a result, it is a common requirement of insurance companies for this work to only be completed by a trained professional. In the event that you build the dock without working with a licensed professional, your insurance may deny future claims relating to the dock. Therefore, you should make sure to always leave this task to trained professionals, and you should retain copies of any documents verifying the work was done by a licensed professional in the event that the insurance company requests it.

Will Building A Dock Require A Permit?

Prior to starting construction on the dock, it is imperative for you to obtain the appropriate permit. Without a suitable permit, you may find that you can be fined for illegal construction work. Fortunately, the process of obtaining a permit is relatively simple. You will need to provide a copy of the design schematics as well as a property survey showing that the dock will only be built on your property. Once you have supplied these documents, you will need to pay a small fee to be issued the permit. As the conclusion of the building process, an inspector will be dispatched to ensure that your new dock complies with all the applicable building codes.

What Type Of Care Will A Dock Require?

Sadly, there are some individuals that may be hesitant about having a dock installed because they are worried about the type of maintenance that it will require. Fortunately, docks are not particularly maintenance intensive. Typically, you will only need to clean the dock on a regular basis to remove algae and other debris while applying a protective finish at least once a year.

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