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3 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Chain Link Fence

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The affordability and ease of installation provided by chain link fencing make it one of the more common fencing materials on the market today. If you want to add some interest to the fence surrounding your home, but you can't afford to upgrade your chain link fencing, there are some simple things you can do to make your existing fence more decorative.

Here are three ideas you can use to decorate your chain link fence in the future.

1. Go organic and use your fence as a trellis for climbing plants.

Flowers and plants make a great addition to any yard, and you can use these botanical beauties to help you update the look of your chain link fencing. The open links that characterize chain link fencing provide the perfect backdrop for climbing plants.

If you want to use your fence as a trellis, you may want to consider planting climbing varieties like scarlet morning glory or passion flower. Not only do these plants produce decorative blooms, but they grow quickly as well.

2. Transform your chain link fence into a vertical garden space.

Vertical gardens are becoming popular among homeowners who want to grow many varieties of plants but don't have the garden space to accommodate these plants. You can easily transform your chain link fence into a vertical garden space by using tin cans as hanging planters.

Gather some tin cans in varying sizes, clean them, and remove the paper labels. Drill some holes in the bottom to allow for water drainage, and drill two holes near the top to serve as an anchoring point. You can make your cans more decorative by painting them or attaching colorful glass tiles.

Run wire through the two holes near the top of your cans, wrap the wire around your chain link fence, and add soil. These planters are a simple way to decorate your existing chain link fencing.

3. Use some yard to create knit hearts.

You can turn your fence into an art installation by using some colorful yarn and a bit of creativity. Wrapping yarn around the links in your fencing to create a heart-shaped pattern is an easy way to decorate a boring fence.

Use different colors of yarn, and vary the size of your hearts to add interest to your design. From a distance, these yarn hearts appear to be floating, giving your existing chain link fence a more decorative design.

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