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Strip And Stain Your Log Home Exterior To Protect It From Carpenter Bees

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If you've recently purchased a log home, then you need to know about carpenter bees. These pests are one of the big problems for log home owners. These bees are attracted to the log walls. They burrow deep into the logs and lay eggs. These bees eat away at the logs and can, if left alone and not dealt with, completely hollow out the logs. Luckily, you can prevent these bees from eating up your logs. The way to do this is through log home staining, since bees are attracted to unstained logs

Here is what you need to do.

Step 1: Strip The Logs Clean

The logs need to be stripped clean before fresh stain is applied. Even if the log home has never been stained, you need to strip the logs. Years of mildew will have built up on the untreated logs that need to be removed.

You can strip the logs one of two ways. The first involves a chemical peel. A thick paste is applied with a paintbrush and left on for a set amount of time. That time will depend on the particular chemical peel used. These peels will then need to be scraped off with a wire brush. The logs will then be powerwashed with water and left to dry. They can then be stained.

The second method of striping the logs involves the use of corncobs. A commercial power sprayer will blow a fine sediment of powdered corn cobs. This acts as an abrasive and removes stain, mildew, and any other filth. The reason corncob is used as a material instead of something such as sand is that it is softer and won't dig into the logs and ruin them. Sandblasting is used when removing paint from metal, so it's not something you should use on your log home.

It is best to hire someone to strip the logs. It is very labor intensive to strip logs using a chemical peel, and a corn cob sprayer is a commercial strength machine that is cost prohibitive to buy for an individual homeowner, especially since it is not something you will use often.

Step 2: Stain The Logs

When the logs are stripped bare, you might see your home anew for the first time. The logs will be bright and golden. At this point, you can decide if you want a clear wood finish, or a stain that will add color.

Stain can be applied using a foam brush. It is best to not attempt to apply stain using a roller because of the curved surfaces. Rollers are better suited for flat surfaces.

If you have a large log home, especially a two-story home, then it is prudent to hire someone. You don't want to try and apply stain while on a ladder. It can be difficult to reach certain spots and the stain won't be applied evenly. This will lead to discoloration, or worse, missing spots where carpenter bees will flock.