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Three Subjects To Bring Up When You're Hiring A Tree Service

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Trees can add beauty and shade to your yard, but they'll often reach a point that they require care from a professional. Sure, you can trim low-hanging branches to keep your trees looking tidy, but larger jobs are best left to a tree service. The average homeowner doesn't possess the tools or the knowledge to perform major tree-related tasks safely. Don't risk the health of your tree, your health and even damage to your home by attempting jobs that should be left for a professional. Instead, call a licensed tree service in your community, talk about the specific job you need completed and be sure to cover these three subjects.

Liability Insurance

It's imperative to ascertain that the tree service that will be visiting your home has full insurance, given the inherent dangers of the job. Members of the crew can find themselves multiple stories up ladders or even perched in your tree itself, which carries a significant risk. Additionally, the unpredictable nature of trees – especially when they're rotting or dying – and the weight of branches can make this job dangerous. To protect yourself, you must make sure that the tree service carries liability insurance. Don't be afraid to ask to see proof of a current insurance policy before you hire the company.

Health Of The Tree

Although you'll occasionally want a problematic tree completely cut down, you'll find other instances in which you might be hiring a tree service to carefully trim the tree or deal with an issue with tree rot. In these circumstances, ask to hear a detailed approach about how the tree service will save the tree. You're relying on this crew of professionals to have an understanding of how to make cuts that will satisfy the job requirements but not harm the overall health of the tree. Once you've described the situation, the rep on the phone should be able to explain the strategy that the crew will use to get the job done to your satisfaction but without harming the health of the tree.

Tree Removal

It's important to be clear about who will be responsible for removing cut branches or the entire tree itself from your property. A professional tree service, like R. L. Elliott Enterprises, Inc., should always take care of the removal and include any associated costs in the written estimate you receive at the start of the job. You can ask about whether the crew will be hauling away the tree or chipping it on-site; in the case of the latter, you can often ask to keep the wood chips to use in your garden or elsewhere in your yard, but you should always discuss this topic up front.