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Buying Your First Home? Here Are The Reasons You Need A Roofing Contractor

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If you're buying your first home, you are prepared to have the home inspected to ensure that it is worth the amount of money you are prepared to pay for it. While the inspector can find several issues with the home, one thing they cannot do is give you a guarantee that the roof is in good shape. They can see loose shingles from the ground, but a roofing contractor is needed for a complete report. This guide explains three reasons why a separate roof inspection, before you buy the home, is important.

To Assess the Roof's Condition

A roofing contractor will check specific areas of your roof to ensure that they are in proper working order. Some of things they look for include:

  • curling, loose, missing or otherwise damaged shingles
  • cracks, stains and dampness on the ceiling in the attic
  • deterioration or sagging of the fascia
  • improper roof pitch

If the contractor finds that any of these things need attention, they will provide written documentation of the work needed, it's cost and an estimate of how long they expect the repairs to take.

To Estimate the Roof's Lifespan

Going through the home purchasing process involves many steps. One of the most important is finding out how long the roof is going to last. Your roofing inspector can provide you with this information by taking into consideration the age of the roof, its condition and the local climate.

Expect your roofing contractor to provide you with a written estimate of how long it will be before you'll need to fork over the money for a brand new roof.

To Issue a Certificate of Inspection

Once the contractor has deemed your roof to be in good shape, he or she will provide you with a certificate of inspection. This is a little different from the estimate of how long the roof will last. The certificate includes a detailed explanation of every aspect of the roof and the condition of the components. Usually this certificate is good for a few years. However, don't expect to get this document if work is needed on the roof. Once you hire the roofing contractor to make the repairs and they inspect it once more, you'll get the certificate.

Sometimes the person you're buying the home from will have a roof inspection completed prior to putting the property on the market. Ask them if they have done this and for a copy of the certificate if they did.

Give yourself some peace of mind by having the roof inspected as a separate inspection from the one that occurs when buying a home. Do this before or after the main inspection and if there is a problem with the roof, show the documentation to the buyer to see if they can make an adjustment on the price of the home to cover the cost of the repairs.

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