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Addressing Two Of Your Basic Questions About Colored Asphalt

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When it comes to paving, asphalt is among the most commonly used materials for this type of project. There are some people that are under the impression that asphalt is only available in black, but it is possible to have colored asphalt installed. While this option has any number of applications, there are some people that may want a couple of basic questions about colored asphalt answered before they feel comfortable making this decision. 

How Is Asphalt Colored?

You may assume that it is difficult to have your asphalt colored, but there are actually a couple of approaches for achieving the desired look and texture. One of the most durable ways of coloring the asphalt is by injecting it with a dye when it is mixed at the plant. This ensures that the concrete is colored throughout as opposed to only being colored at the surface. 

The other approach to coloring asphalt is by applying a special sealant that contains the desired pigments. This is usually the most cost-effective option for achieving your wanted look, but the color can start to fade if the sealant is not regularly reapplied. Generally, you will need to do this at least once a year to maintain an even coloring of your asphalt. 

Is Maintenance Different For Colored Asphalt?

The type and intensity of the maintenance required for your pavement will depend on the way that it was colored. When the asphalt is injected with dye during the mixing process, there is no special maintenance needed to keep the color bright. 

However, if you have opted to have the asphalt colored using a sealant, you will need to regularly wash the pavement to remove an oil or gasoline that may have leaked onto it. These chemicals can eat through your sealant, and this will cause the dye to be easily washed away during the next rain. By simply hosing the driveway down at least once a week, you can minimize the risk of this problem striking your driveway. 

Choosing to have colored asphalt installed can be a great option if you are needing a paving solution that will complement the look and feel of your property. However, you may not have seriously considered this option in the past, and this may mean that you have only recently started conducting your research concerning this investment. By understanding how the asphalt is colored and the maintenance required of it, you will be in  stronger position to make smart choices for your property's needs.