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Use Your Senses: How To Tell If Your Septic Tank Should Be Pumped

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An overfilled septic tank can create a lot of problems. In fact, this issue can affect all of your senses. These are a few things that you should look out for; then, you'll be able to have your septic tank pumped before it causes any more problems.


There are a few things that you might see if your septic tank is in need of pumping. First of all, you might notice that the grass is especially thick, lush and green near your septic tank; this comes from sewage that is seeping into the ground near the tank. You might also see waste backing up into your bathtub, sink or toilet.


One of the main senses that is affected when you have an overflowing septic tank is your sense of smell. You might smell a very foul odor when you are outdoors near your septic tank, or you might notice a stench when you flush your toilet, turn on your water or notice back-up coming up through your drains.


Believe it or not, an overfilled septic tank can even affect your sense of sound. You might hear a gurgling noise in your sink, bathtub, shower or toilet; this is the sound of water attempting to make its way back into your home due to an overfilled tank.


Although it is certainly nasty to think about, your water could be contaminated if you have an overflowing septic tank and if you have private well water. As always with private well water, you should contact a professional to come out and test your well if you ever notice that your water tastes funny, or if it has a strange smell or appearance. Hopefully, you will notice the other signs of an overflowing septic tank before you notice that there is something wrong with your drinking water. If not, you should see a doctor as soon as possible after drinking sewage-contaminated drinking water.


Lastly, if you check out the area near your septic tank and notice that the ground is very wet to the touch, even when the rest of your yard is dry, then it could be due to an overfilled septic tank. Avoid touching this water; it is more than likely contaminated and can make you very sick. If you do come in contact with it, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly.

If your septic tank is in need of repair or pumping, it can affect all of your senses. If you notice any of these problems, now is the time to call a good septic tank repair company to come out, inspect your system and make necessary changes. To learn more about septic tank servicing, visit A-1 Sewer Service