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Learn To Repair A Chipped Window Pane And A Torn Screen

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If a window in your house has a torn screen and a chipped pane because you bumped into it while holding a sharp object, learn how to make the repairs. As a result, your window will remain fully functional and damage will no longer be apparent.

Chipped Glass Repair

Use The Following Materials

  • glass repair kit
  • glass cleaner
  • lint-free cloth
  • masking tape
  • putty knife
  • tweezers
  • magnifying glass

Clean The Glass And Set Up The Repair Tool

Remove the screen while filling in the chipped area on the window pane. Clean the glass with glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Locate the repair tool that contains suction cups on the end of it. Line this piece up so that the opening is directly over the chipped area. Press the suction cups down firmly onto the glass. To ensure that you have the tool lined up properly, view the glass from the opposite side. 

Add The Applicator And Apply Epoxy 

A long tube with a threaded end will be in your kit. It will have openings on both ends. Line this piece up so that the threaded part connects to the opening in the repair tool that is already on the pane. Turn the tube clockwise until it is secure. Open the epoxy resin and squeeze a few drops into the end of the tube.

Attach the plunger to the end of the applicator tube. This piece will connect the same as the applicator tube. Turn it clockwise until it is secure. The plunger will place pressure on the epoxy resin and help it to bond to the glass. Leave it in place for 5-10 minutes.

Apply The Finishing Film

Remove the suction cup tool, applicator, and plunger. Apply the finishing film over the spot that was filled with epoxy. Attach it to the glass with masking tape. Smooth out the epoxy by running a putty knife across the surface of the film. Once the epoxy resin turns clear and looks like the rest of the glass, it is dry and the film can be removed. The damage will no longer be visible.

Torn Screen Repair

Use The Following Materials

  • piece of screen
  • embroidery needle
  • thread
  • safety pins
  • ruler

Attach A New Piece Of Screen

Measure the area that is torn. Trim the edges of the damaged area if they are ragged and uneven. Cut out a replacement piece of screen and line it up over the damaged area, making sure that the holes match up. Attach the two pieces together with safety pins. Placing one in each corner will secure the pieces while you are making the repair.

Stitch The Two Pieces Together

Thread an embroidery needle with sewing thread that matches the color of the screen. Knot the end. Begin by pushing the needle down through both pieces of screen. Pull the needle up through the next hole. Continue pushing the needle down and pulling it up, alternating with every other hole. Make sure that the needle passes through both pieces of screen while doing this and pull the thread tightly after every stitch. Once you have stitched around the area that is being repaired, knot the thread and trim the end.

Both of these repairs will lengthen the life of your window and make it possible for you to use it each day without any problems. If you'd rather have a professional take care of the job for you, contact Gary D Torgerson Co.