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How To Get Water-Based Paint Out Of Carpets

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If you are painting the walls or other surfaces of your home, you may deal with some splatters or spills. While this can be frustrating no matter what type of paint you are using, water-based paint will be the easiest to clean up. With this paint, you are able to clean it while wet or dry, and get the majority of the stain out of your carpets. Here are some tips for cleaning up water-based paint if it is spilled on your carpet.

Treat the Spill

The first step to removing a water-based paint stain on your carpet is by treating the area. Here is what you need to do for wet and dry paint.

  • If the paint is still wet – You have lucked out if you managed to get to the spilled paint while it is still wet. This doesn't require any pre-treatment. Get a clean towel and saturate it with hot water. Wring it out thoroughly. The towel should be wet, but not dripping.
  • If the paint is dry – If the paint has dried, you will need to moisten it first by saturating the paint spill with hot water. A spray bottle works perfectly. Let the water sit on the paint area for several minutes to let it soak into the carpet fibers, making it easier for the paint to be removed. You will also need to wet a towel for dry paint as well.

Clean the Spill

Now that you have done your pre-treatment steps, you can start to remove the paint from the carpet. To do this, place your wet towel on the stain and put moderate pressure down. Pull up the towel and continue blotting with it, blotting only with clean sides of the towel. Be sure not to put more paint on the carpet, but keep rotating and turning your towel to pull up fresh paint. You also want to be careful not to scrub or rub it into the carpet. This only pushes the paint further into the carpet fibers. Replace the towel as many times as you need to in order to clean up all of the paint.

Once all of the paint is removed from the carpet, get a fresh towel saturated with warm water. Use it to clean up the area, then let it dry for a few hours. Once it is dry, fluff up the carpet fibers by running a vacuum over it. For assistance, talk to a professional like Conscientious Carpet Care.