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Without A Trace: Natural Alternatives To Kill Weeds

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If you're a lawn or garden enthusiast then you recognize the burning feeling that swells up inside you whenever you see a dandelion or morning glory poking its head out of the ground. It's enough to make a person pull out the shovel, Roundup, and blowtorch all at once. 

But when it comes to weed killers, there are many organic and homemade options available that won't leave behind any reside that could harm your pets or children or stunt the growth of any neighboring plants. 

1. When you're done boiling that pot of pasta or blanching those peaches, reuse the water by pouring the still-boiling liquid on any weeds. The extremely hot temperature should shrivel even the hardiest of weeds. If you don't get the desired outcome right away, try repeated treatments over several days.

2. If you catch weeds early, you can use household vinegar, which has a 5 percent acetic acid concentration, to kill any emerging heads. Just spray directly on the plant. If you are planning to plant in the area, allow 24 hours after your last spray.

3. Burn them down. On a wet day, you can use a propane torch to target any pesky weeds, while working around healthy, wanted plants. These torches come in a variety of sizes--the cans are handy for spot-weeding, while the larger models are great for infestations of mature weeds. You don't have to burn the weeds to a black crisp; swiping the flame over them until they are sufficiently wilted will do the trick.

4. If you're in need of steaming wallpaper off your walls or steam cleaning your home, rent a steam machine and when you're done, make it do double duty as a weed killer. Put it on its hottest setting and go to work applying steam to your weeds. You can isolate the most stubborn weeds by surrounding them with a plastic sheet and filling it with steam as much as possible.

5. Organic Authority recommends using dry or liquid molasses to kill weeds. Apply 40 lbs. dry molasses per 1,000 square feet to repel ants and suppress weeds. The ratio of liquid molasses is a cup per gallon of water. 

6. If you've eradicated all the weeds that emerged, it's time to turn your attention to the weed seeds. Corn gluten meal stops weeds seeds from developing into plants. Scatter the meal over any areas that are weed-prone or that you would like to keep weed free.

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