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3 Ways To Resolve A Clogged Bathroom Sink

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Is your bathroom sink clogged? If so, you may not have the time or patience to wait for a professional plumber to arrive and resolve this issue. A minor bathroom clog can likely be an issue that you are able to resolve on your own with products that you may already have laying around the house. So, before you go out and spend money on drain cleaning solutions, consider methods like:

Drain Cleaning with Baking Soda:

Often times hair gel and grease wash down into our bathroom sink. This wouldn't be an issue if the gel and grease didn't gunk up in your bathroom drain. However, if this does occur, you are likely able to resolve this issue by cleaning your drains with baking soda. The baking soda will help deteriorate the surface of your drain pipes, which will help remove any gel or hair grease build up. This will help resolve your clogged drain issue in the event that hair gel or grease was causing your clogged drain.

Clearing out The Drain with a Wired Hanger:

Another reason why your bathroom sink may be clogged is by hair blockage. Your hair often times fall into your sink and is washed down into your drain. Over time, your drain may catch one too many hairs, which will create some sort of blockage in your drain. You will be able to fish any hairballs and gunk from your drain by using a wired hanger. Straightening a wired hanger and fishing out groups of hair is a great option and can be very effective.

Using a Traditional Plunger:

Not only are bathroom plungers great for toilet clogs, but they also work very well with sink clogs. When using a plunger on your sink, be sure to fill your sink up a little, as this will provide a little more suction to your plunger. This option is very effective and can help resolve many clogged sink issues, so definitely consider this method if you are not sure what is stuck down in your drain.

With these three methods, you will likely be able to clear out the item that was creating your clog issue, which will prevent you from having to hire or rely on store bought products or professional help. So, before you assume that you are dealing with a major plumbing service issue, consider trying these methods and you may see the results that you need.