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Four Front Door Design Ideas For Your Modern Home

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The front door is one of the first things guest see when they arrive at your home, so it's important to make sure yours makes a statement. If your home's interior has a modern vibe, choosing a front door with an equally modern design will create a coherent, balanced space. Here are a few modern door design ideas to consider adopting as your own.

Horizontal Paneled Wood Door

For homes with a minimalist design and an emphasis on natural materials, this design is a great way to convey simplicity and elegance. A door comprised of 10 – 12, horizontally stacked panels looks rich and modern. Choose a high-quality wood like mahogany or maple that will last for decades. Pair this type of door design with a simple doorframe made with the same wood and a clean-cut, basic knob made from nickel or pewter.

Natural Slab Doors

If you love the beauty of large slabs of natural redwood or cedar, then why not work one into your door design? A large slab can be smoothed and cut to fit into a custom doorframe. If you do choose this option, make sure you work with a designer or builder who has experience working with natural slabs of wood. The heaviness of the wood slab and its unique shape call for carefully chosen hinges and knobs.

Modern Metal Doors

Many modern homes utilize stainless steel or even nickel. Why not incorporate these materials into your front door? Metal doors have the advantage of being easily designed to accommodate windows. A simple, modern design is to include one tall, thin window panel on the same side as the door handle. A long, yet simply designed door handle complements this window perfectly. To find a modern door that will look great on your home, contact Anderson doors

Color Block Doors

Let your artistic side shine through with a color block door. Nearly any solid wooden door can be painted in this manner. You may even be able to paint your existing door in a color block design. Color block doors essentially feature large squares painted in different colors. Sometimes all of these squares are the same size, and on other doors, they vary in size. Choose colors that coordinate with the rest of your home, and don't be afraid to get a little funky – the color block pattern is all about creativity.

Front door choices for modern homes are seemingly endless. Don't choose a front door until you have considered the options above and any others you may stumble upon. Remember, your front door makes a statement to the outside world – choose the right statement.