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DIY Concrete Crafts

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It might surprise you that concrete can be used for more than just roads, driveways, and sidewalks. This versatile and tough material can be used to make some amazing handmade items that you can do yourself at home. Here are some creative ideas to try yourself with a bag of concrete and some other household items.

Handmade Stool

You can make your own cool stool by mixing concrete, pouring it into a plastic bucket about one quarter of the way full, and then inserting some wooden pegs or dowels for legs. Wait for the concrete to dry and then cut away the bucket using a knife. Flip it over, and you have an awesome, sturdy, handmade stool that can be painted or decorated as you like.

Creative Doorstop

Concrete is very heavy, so objects made of this material can make an excellent doorstop. Simply purchase some insulating foam that can be found at almost any hardware store. Cut a template out of the foam into any shape you wish. Then, fill the template with the concrete and let it dry. Once it's dried, you can remove the foam and you'll have a really cool, heavy duty decorative doorstop.

Beautiful Vases

You might be surprised to know you can make really amazing vases with concrete. Simply insert a toilet paper tube, candle, or other long object in the middle of a plastic bottle. This will serve as the opening for the vase. Then, pour the concrete around the center until it fills up to the top of the bottle. Let the concrete dry and then remove the bottle and the middle object. Be sure you do not place the tubular object all the way down into the bottle, so you will have room to fill in for the bottom of the vase.

Heavy Duty Bookends

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making concrete bookends. Simply use a piece of Styrofoam as your mold. You can use an existing shape for an abstract bookend, or create your own in any shape you like. Fill the mold with concrete, and lightly shake it to make sure all of the bubbles are removed and it settles properly. Allow the concrete to dry and you will have some very unusual and creative bookends to add to your decor.

Other Ideas

Since concrete is inexpensive and easy to work with, you can create almost any object imaginable. Some other ideas include outdoor planters, bowls, sculptures, stepping stones, and even a homemade fire pit for the back yard. You can try all kinds of different interesting and amazing creations that will last for many years using this simple art medium. Contact professionals, such as those from Kwiatkowski Construction Co Inc, to see how to best fulfill your needs.