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Are You Properly Maintaining Your Furnace?

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Proper maintenance is essential to avoiding frequent and expensive furnace repairs. Unfortunately, far too many homeowners are simply unaware of what maintenance their furnace requires. Consequently, while many of these individuals may believe they have done their due diligence, the truth is, their frequent furnace repairs may actually be the result of overlooked maintenance requirements. Taking the time to learn more about the maintenance that your furnace requires on both a monthly and a yearly basis will help to ensure that you do not make this same mistake.

Your Monthly Furnace Maintenance

Each month, you will need to replace the air filter in your furnace. While many homeowners underestimate the importance of replacing this filter each month, the truth is, a clean air filter is often the key to preventing expensive system failures and promoting energy efficiency within your heating system.

Your air filter will typically be located behind the main intake vent or in a drawer beneath your furnace. When changing this filter, simply remove the dirty filter and immediately replace it with a filter of the same size.

If you find that you are consistently forgetting to complete this maintenance each month, learning to associate this maintenance with another monthly event in your life can help you to remember. For instance, you may wish to change your air filter each time that your monthly energy bill arrives in the mail.

Your Yearly Furnace Maintenance

While the monthly maintenance that your furnace requires is quite simple, the yearly maintenance that it requires will be considerably more in depth. The good news is, you will not need to complete this maintenance on your own. This is because the annual maintenance that your furnace requires should always be completed by a reputable HVAC repair contractor.

As part of your annual maintenance services, your HVAC contractor will need to clean, inspect, and lubricate your heating system. You may also wish to have your air vents cleaned at this time in order to further promote the energy efficiency of your furnace.

In Conclusion

When your furnace is properly maintained, you can be sure that your furnace is operating at maximum efficiency and that you will be able to avoid any preventable repairs. While this doesn't mean that you will never need to fix your furnace again, it does mean that you can say goodbye to the days of dealing with frequent repairs. In order to ensure your furnace is in tip top shape before beginning your new maintenance schedule, be sure to have your furnace cleaned and inspected by a reputable HVAC contractor in your local area as soon as possible.