Making Simple Window Screen Repairs

If you have a window screen that has a rip or hole in the mesh, you will want to have it repaired or replaced to keep insects from getting inside of your home. A broken window screen can be easily repaired until you are able to get it replaced. Making a quick repair can be done with the help of a […]

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Preventive Maintenance For Your Hot Water Heater

You can help to prevent flooding your home, save energy, and increase the lifespan of your hot water heater by performing a few simple maintenance tasks. These actions require very little skill, and the only equipment you’ll need is a garden hose, a bucket, goggles, and gloves. Over time, your hot water tank can become […]

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How To Get Water-Based Paint Out Of Carpets

If you are painting the walls or other surfaces of your home, you may deal with some splatters or spills. While this can be frustrating no matter what type of paint you are using, water-based paint will be the easiest to clean up. With this paint, you are able to clean it while wet or […]

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